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Increase mobility and efficiency with a complete, standards-based communication solution from Ascom.

Ascom’s complete hospital communication solution, including the Telligence Nurse Call System, Unite Messaging Suite, and wireless voice systems, helps minimize interoperability risks and ensures end-to-end functionality. This tightly integrated combination of Ascom products assures fast, reliable, and uninterrupted communication between patients and staff.

Innovative Solution Features
Ascom innovation begins with input from a cross section of hospital staff as our developers consider new and innovative features that enable simple and intuitive communication. As solutions are created and defined, we continually seek hospital feedback as a critical part of the development process.

  • Innovations extend across nurse call, messaging middleware, and wireless voice and messaging devices.
  • Product design is focused on creating a more efficient workflow.
  • Safer and better patient care is the end goal.

Seamless Integration
Simplifying healthcare processes means that nurse staff stations, staff consoles, and wireless devices need to perform in unison and have consistent designs.

  • Consistent interface and design for a common look and feel across the entire nurse call communications portfolio.
  • Nearly instantaneous response for faster decision making.
  • Simplified learning curve yields quicker adoption by users.


  • Ascom Myco 2 Solution

    With Ascom Myco 2, caregivers can be more efficient in their decision-making and respond faster to the demands at the point of care. Ascom Unite also logs events, providing the necessary data to identify where efficiency improvements can be made to optimize workflows.

  • Critical Alarms

    In an acute situation either with patients in a ward or in the emergency intake, a few minutes can be the difference between the length of stay, the level of injuries or the chance to survive.

  • Hospital Logistics

    An enterprise-class on-site wireless telephone and messaging system from Ascom is the perfect mobility solution for hospitals, saving time and enhancing patient satisfaction.

  • Laboratory Services

    With Ascom wireless communications, ordering physicians are automatically notified when selected results are ready – wherever they are.

  • Medical Technical Alarms

    The communication solutions speed up response to alarms from medical monitoring equipment to detect abnormal respiratory, cardiac and other conditions which provides quicker response to emergency situation demands.

  • Personal Safety

    If you find yourself in a vulnerable or threatening situation, you can quickly send an alarm signal and know that somebody has received it.

  • Radiology Services

    For critical situations at the hospital, for example at incoming trauma to the emergency intake, a wireless STAT Notification is optimal to use.

  • Technical Alarms

    For staff involved in facilities management a wireless communications system gives quicker response to alarms from indoor climate systems, lifts, doors, windows, lighting and other technical installations.