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Medical Technical Alarms

The Ascom solution is designed to communicate, distribute and notify of medical alarms. Users are nurses, physicians and specialised medical teams (such as cardiac arrest and emergency).

The communication solutions speed up response to alarms from medical monitoring equipment to detect abnormal respiratory, cardiac and other conditions which provides quicker response to emergency situation demands. Nurses and physicians get status reports on request and alarms when conditions deviate from preset values. Information goes right into the pocket telephone, freeing staff for other duties than watching monitors.

Treatment can start earlier, which improves outcomes and potentially saves lives. Increased safety for patients and less stress for staff, less walking back and forth for nurses are other valuable benefits.


  • i62 Handset

    As the world’s first VoWiFi handset operating on 802.11n network, the Ascom i62 is truly unique. It supports the deployment of voice over the network without degrading the performance of an existing .11n network capacity.