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Ascom Product Interoperability


The Ascom Wireless Solutions Interoperability Program was founded to bridge the uncertainties around 3rd party integrations for SIP and WiFi and take the guesswork out of deploying VoIP network solutions. The Ascom Interoperability Program strives to maintain and inform our sales channels and partners about a good level of interoperability and functionality between a defined Ascom product and a technology partner’s product. This is facilitated by the main activities:

Ascom Interoperability Testing & Certification

Interoperability testing is performed by an Ascom certified verification engineer, a verification engineer at the partner or by an Ascom approved external test house. The verification is carried out according to an Ascom or partner standardized test specification for each targeted interface. Ascom Interoperability engineers and R&D software engineers are assigned to ensure that corrections or changes are incorporated into the Ascom products software during the testing process until satisfying level of functionality is reached. The obtained level of interoperability and functionality is reflected in the interoperability report documentation. Partner products that successfully pass verification testing are granted an Ascom Certified Product status. 

Technology Partner Programs

Ascom participates in most of the market leaders’ technology partners program. As a member in these programs Ascom get access to 3rd party product information, interface specifications and can request interoperability certification testing for a mutual interoperability certification. The verification testing is often carried out at the partners’ labs with the support of the Ascom interoperability team.

Through partner program participation we also market certified Ascom solutions towards the technology partners sales channels and participate in partner events such as sales conferences and exhibitions.